The Valley School, Bengaluru Invites applications for admission to Teacher Education Program. 15th June - 15th October, 2019

(A collaborative initiative of the Schools of Krishnamurti Foundation India). Last date of Applications 15th April 2019


The right kind of education begins with the educator, who must understand himself and be free from established patterns of thought; for what he is, that he imparts. If he has not been rightly educated, what can he teach except the same mechanical knowledge on which he himself has been brought up? 

So, our problem is not so much the child, the boy or the girl, but the teacher, the educator, who needs educating much more than the pupil. And to educate the educator is far more difficult than to educate the child, because the educator is already set, fixed. He merely functions in a routine, because he is really not concerned with the thought process, with the cultivation of intelligence.

-J Krishnamurti​