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Dates for the Admission process for entry to Class I 2014-15 will be announced, in accordance with the Government guidelines after it is published.

Tribal Art and Literature Workshop - December 2013


Glimpses of life in Junior School

The Art Village
The Art Village is a dedicated space for Artisans from across the country to share and contribute thier skills. It offers students, graduates and others interested a hands on experience.
The Study Centre
The Study Centre KFI is placed in a quiet corner of the Valley, a lush green land of 100 acres. It is located 25 kilometers from Bangalore City and is a veritable oasis of beauty.

Kaigal Education and Environment Programme (KEEP) is an initiative of the Krishnamurti Foundation India and run, administered and enriched by The Valley School.
A school is a place where one learns both the importance of knowledge and its limitation. It is a place where one learns to observe the world without a particular point of view or conclusion..."

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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