The intent of Goonj

To offer and share the beautiful ambience of The Art village , by providing an opportunity to anyone who wishes to explore the soul in both the Visual & Performing art forms. To come together as a family by learning these art forms, merging the age gap of adult and child. That is the uniqueness of Goonj. The saying goes that the family which eats together stays together —- in Goonj they eat together and discover the treasures of learning these art forms together.

The “Centre for Performing Arts “ conducts regular classes for anyone interested in learning different forms of Classical music, Dance, Visual art, pottery etc. A number of parents, friends and children are a a part of this programme and the classes are held in the ambient surroundings of the art village and amphitheatre beyond school hours.

Regular workshops in the area of visual arts including painting, pottery, woodwork, folk craft etc are conducted. Artisans and craftspersons from different parts of the country are often invited. In addition to being a rich exposure for those in the Valley, such workshops are open to anyone interested to learn. Often students from other schools, children from neighbouring villages are a part of such events.

A recent initiative by the Valley has been to organize Art and craft activities for children admitted at the St John’s Hospital on a regular basis. Besides bringing in cheer and joy to these ailing children, engaging in colourful and interesting art activities has been a source of inspiration for the nurses and doctors in the hospital and a strong motivation for the mothers of the ailing children. About 15 parents of the Valley have come together to run this programme together with some of our teachers. What started with a weekly session at the paediatric nephrology ward last year has now grown in to twice a week programme and extended to the paediatric cancer ward too.

Goonj Programs for 2019-20