Are you willing to explore a different way of living? Away from the humdrum of urban India; would you like to find meaning in leisure amidst a verdant 100 acre campus on the fringes of South Bangalore?

We offer the ISC programme of CISCE, New Delhi. Postgraduates in appropriate discipline, interested in the Krishnamurti Schools’ approach to education may write to us. Prior teaching experience, willingness to stay on school campus and a Degree in Education are desirable.

We are looking for adults who find being with kids meaningful and exciting. The expectation is to be able to take care of them; mentor them; be a part of their lives, aspirations and dreams; challenges and hurdles; smiles and tears!

“It does not matter what you do for a living; or ‘what planets square your moon’ as long as you are open to life’s beauties, sorrows and betrayals” (Oriah Mountain Dreamer)

Please write to us  at as well as – if any of this appeals to you and interests you …We shall reach out to you for a conversation.