The rich variety of flora at the Valley is beautifully complemented by the coexistence of a diverse range of animals – scores of insect species, fresh water fish, amphibians, small and large mammals. Together in harmony, they have contributed to the vibrant, verdant and enchanted forest ecosystem that houses the Valley School.

A range of species of insects, butterflies, frogs has been identified as residents of the Valley. A significant number of Wild boars, Deer , Jungle fowls and mongoose are a common sight to the patient and quiet observer who treads in to the dense pockets of the Valley.

It is heartening to know that some rare mammals (classified under the Endangered / Threatened species of the Red List of the IUCN ) like the Slender Loris, Civet Cat ( Asian and Small ) are being nurtured in the Valley Ecosystem. There is a constant movement of the big cat family including the Leopard and Jungle Cat in the Valley as they seem to feel more secure and welcomed in this magical forest. Occasional visits by the Pachyderms as they cross corridors is an event many look forward to!